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My real name is Anthony, I’m 36 years old and live in Hertfordshire, England. I'm a typical geek with my own "geek" room. In it, I display my vast quantity of books, movie / game memorabilia and my PC.

Most of my spare time is spent playing on my computer, usually Star Wars The Old Republic, but I sometimes play Battlefield V, GTA Online, Star Wars Battlefront 2 and single player RPGs, FPSs and games like Myst. 

My BF journey started with BF1942 and continued until present day (I have never been tempted to go over to the dark side (CoD)). In BF2 I was in a small "clan" (4 of us) called FUBAR. In BF2142, I joined another clan (mainly because the old clan had long disbanded) called Lancs Special Forces. I am now a member of Enemy Boat Spotted (EBS).

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